Standard shipping - Registered Airmail by DHL Global Mail (with tracking number). 


Estimited Delivery time (for reference only)

By DHL Global Mail


Delivery Time 

(Working Days)

Austria 5~7 
Belgium 5~8 
Croatia 6~9 
Czech Republic 7~12
Denmark 6~9
Finland  8~10
France 9~15
Germany 7~11
Greece 9~15
Hungary 8~11
Ireland 8~13
Israel 9~15
Italy 11~15
Netherlands 8~10
Norway 8~13
Poland 7~10
Portugal 9~15
Russia 20~25
Slovakia  9~15
Slovenia 9~15
Spain 9~15
Sweden 6~9
Switzerland 7~12
Turkey 9~13
Ukraine 9~15
United Kingdom  7~10
USA  7~10
Canada  10~14
Brazil  7~17
Chile  7~17
Mexico  7~17
Australia 5~10
New Zealand 6~10
Rest of World 7~17

For Argentina customers

Standard shipping - Registered Airmail by Hong Kong Post / DHL Global Mail (with tracking number)


To have the package arrive at your house: 1 payment AFIP (taxes) + 1 payment mail Argentine (admin fee)

Through the website of the AFIP argentino, declare the value (e.g. 10 USD) of the articles that will arrive per package, then pay 50% taxes of the declare value. (e.g. 5 USD)

After you pay the taxes you will have to wait 10-12 days until the customs approve the payment. 

They will send you a letter document indicate to you if you have to go to the post office to withdraw the shipment or arrives at your house

Track & Trace - Correspondencia con origen internacional y destino nacional